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Do You Need Total Knee Replacement Revision?

Total knee replacements are one of the most common orthopedic procedures completed today. More adults at a younger age are having the procedure done to help with their mobility and quality of life. The procedure is done to decrease someone’s pain and restore knee function.

Having a leg replacement unit therefore can finally lead to presenting to undergo a total leg revision if the prosthesis fails credited to component loosening, disease, injury, or other patient related triggers such to be overweight.

 Patients who have had a failed knee replacement complications leading to revision surgery may be eligible to file a dePuy attune knee lawsuit to

Most total leg substitutes today are designed to last from 15 to twenty years depending of course on your activity level, bodyweight, or possible get spread around of infection in the torso. Your orthopedic plastic surgeon also is capable to regulate how your knee replacing is putting on through X-rays and physical assessment during your daily habit follow-ups.

A revision is usually needed when you commence to see pain plus a decrease in leg function. This of course again depends upon your orthopedic plastic surgeon. Not all leg pain and lack of function of course means a revision is to be able.


Most total leg revisions take longer to execute than the original operation. Because of the removal of the hardware and concrete along with significant bone reduction. There also may be considered a dependence on bone grafting to complete the areas where bone was removed as well creating a longer period you might under anesthesia.

From a physical remedy standpoint and post operative attention, the follow-up is approximately the same. Your restoration times will change with some taking longer than normal. Restoration is slowed to some extent just because of the invasive facet of a revision. Enough time generally had a need to get over a revision is 7-9 weeks.

Physical remedy will observe soon after surgery to truly get you mobile also to start the leg mobility and conditioning process. There is amount of time in PT that it was common to see someone following a revision lose some flexion flexibility in the leg. However today, with he move forward in leg prosthetic’s this isn’t always the truth.

The strength in the affected leg and knee after a revision will need concentrated therapeutic exercise to re-educate your quadriceps and to help them get back to supporting your body weight. The strengthening process may run somewhat slower than the initial replacement again, due to the invasive procedure of the revision.

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