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Proven Strategies To Drop Those Excess Pounds

Losing weight and improving your overall health is not always on the same team. Since muscle weighs more than fat, you may find yourself getting toned without much changes in your weight at a certain point. This is perfectly fine because the true measurement of your fitness is the amount of muscle that you have in your body and not how much you weigh. Here are some proven strategies that you can use to slim down without losing muscle mass.

Keep your cardio sessions short and intense by leveraging on intervals. Intervals have been proven to burn more calories and fats from your body compared to long steady state cardio sessions like slow jogging. 

Strength training should be combined with your cardio routines to help you burn the maximum amount of fat from your body. Studies have already proven that muscles will burn more calories. Therefore, you should do strength training exercises at least 3 times a week to build up muscle mass to burn more calories in conjunction with cardio routines. Make sure your strength training routines do not exceed an hour to preserve your muscle growth.

Searching for a product that can be used to boost your fat burning capacity in a safe way? Visit this link to find out how phenQ may be used to fulfill this purpose in a safe and effective manner due to its unique blend of natural ingredients which have been researched to enhance fat burning.

With these proven strategies in mind, you should have more confidence in your own abilities to reach your weight loss goals if you put them into practice.

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