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Taxotere Lawsuits Allege Cancer Drug Caused Alopecia

The Taxotere hair loss case is proceeding to move forward in 2018, as various Pretrial Systems have been published. Among other actions, Plaintiff and Appellant fact sheets were due on Jan. 23, 2016. Taxotere, identified by its generic name as docetaxel, is a drug utilized to manage several cancers, including cancers of the head and breast, neck, prostate cancer and other forms of cancer.

Parker Waichman LLP can be really a federal lawyer representing numerous customers in medication injury claims. The business continues to give free legal advice to anybody with questions regarding filing a Taxotere permanent hair thinning litigation. For more information about Taxotere law suites,  you can also visit at

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Court records suggest that the Taxotere hair-loss lawsuit proceeds to proceed forward. Even the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana issued a Jan. 1-1 Pretrial Order clarifying which the extent to get its multidistrict litigation (MDL) may incorporate both Taxotere and generic variants. Sanofi-aventis is confronting more than 260 Taxotere permanent hair thinning lawsuits from the MDL.

MDLs are a kind of mass tort that combines national suits with ordinary questions of fact. Consolidating cases to an MDL transports them to a single court before one estimate. This produces the lawsuit move together quicker, since the discovery procedure may appear once and connect with most scenarios. Other legal proceedings, like testimonies, might be compact in a related method. Even though suits in an MDL share shared allegations, the seriousness of injuries might vary between plaintiffs.

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